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Genealogy Dresses, that is all I have to write. You can actually call their store and talk to one of their many helpful employees and they are very friendly. Check them out!!


Savannah Prom Dress: Jovani 1511

At prom you can be sure that every girl has on a amazing dress and a beautiful corsage to match. Prom is all about making a statement so instead of wearing flowers on your wrist why not wear them all over your dress. This amazing dress by Jovani does not need a matching corsage because you will be the bouquet! Style Number 1511is a beautiful silk gown with a large multi floral print. The long flowing bodice skims the body and flutters like a flower in the breeze. The beautiful beaded waist adds just a touch of glam while the open deep-v back shows just the right amount of skin. The dress is finished off with a beautiful satin bow that adds just of touch of girlish whimsy. This dress is sure to make a statement and get you noticed this prom season! You will be the prettiest flower in the bunch when you choose this dress to make your prom night even more memorable!

All Those Missing Pieces in Jovani Beyond B6086

This Prom season is all about making a statement! What better way to do that than by showing a little skin in all the right places? This amazing dress by Jovani Beyond (style # B6086) will be sure to attract all the attention in the room. You are sure to make a lasting impression in this black and silver design. If black is not for you then the dress is also available in hot pink and red. With the unique swooping one shouler strap you can be sure that no one else in the room will look the same. If that wasn’t enough the amazing cutouts on the side ensure that you are missing all the right pieces. Connected to the top by a single row of jewels, the bottom skims the body and ends in a flowing train. This dress will be the center of attention and no one will be missing those “missing pieces!”

Prom 2009: Buy Online?

Should you buy your prom dress in a store or online? 

This is a question many girls constantly ponder when trying to decide how to find the perfect prom dress.  Well here is the best information I can give you:   

1.  Verification:  as with any online purchase make sure that the online source is “for real”.  If they claim to have a store, call, and just make sure that they do.  Almost all prom dress manufacturers require anyone selling their product to actually have a storefront. 

2. Watch out for Fakes:  there are some companies out there that try there best to copy prom dress styles.  They will even go as far as to put up the picture of the actual manufacturers dress and then when then box shows up at your house, total disappointment that it is not even the right color, or pattern. 

3.  Fit:  PROM DRESSES ARE NOT CUSTOM MADE!  I can not stress this.  Many customers bash the stores online because their dress came in and does not fit perfect.  That is what alterations are for!!!!! When you order online you are taking the risk that the dress may not fit perfect, but in the store if you order it may not fit perfect either.  It is best to have someone skilled take your measurements and GO BY THE SIZE CHART.  Prom dresses as a rule of thumb run small, do not go based on your street clothes to decide what to wear.  Also they come in long, if you are over 5’10” you should consider dresses with extra length, everyone else get your dress hemmed.  The expense for good alterations is worth the price to look great in the dress of  your dreams!

4.  Do not be RUDE!- Do not use the stores to your online purchase benefit.  It is not fair to the retailers and their time, if you know that you are going to buy online please go by the online size chart and do not take up the stores time by trying on dresses for a purchase you are not even going to be making in their store.  Many stores try very hard to give you the best customer service, they will measure you, have you try on a dress similar to make sure that they style you like fits nicely and most even give very nice garment bags with every purchase.  This is definitely a huge advantage of going to a store. 

5.  The Wait:  Understand the shipping of a prom dress online.  You may wonder, I paid for overnight shipping and the dress isn’t here yet?  This is because you are paying for the company to overnight it to you from them.  What you are failing to realize is many times the stores/retailers do not always have the dress hanging in the stores either.  They first call the manufacturer and then order the dress and then the manufacturer sends the dress to the store, and then it is shipped to you. This may cause a slight delay in you getting the dress on time.   MAKE SURE THAT WHEN  YOU ORDER A DRESS ONLINE YOU STATE WHEN YOU NEED TO WEAR THE DRESS!!!  This is crucial, because if you do not state when you need the dress then it may be after the prom before you receive it. 

6.  Buy off the Rack:  If you are slightly paranoid, or stressed about ordering then the best idea is to buy off the rack.  You know what you are getting and you do not have to wait for it.  Most stores keep their dresses in plastic bags and take very good care of them, so that no matter what dress you chose it is very nice. 

7. The more information the better– In the comment section of the order give more information.  If you went to prom last year and wore a dress and your weight hasn’t fluctuated much tell them the brand and the size you wore.  Also it is nice sometimes to describe your body type so that they can make sure that you are ordering the right size.  Also what is wrong with sending them your measurements also in the comment section.  The online retailer should be professionals and can let you know if you did not order appropriately. 

Both buying the store and online are safe just make sure that you are verifying everything.  This is a very important night and it needs to be perfect!!

xoxo, Rosanne

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Hugging Every Curve in Sherri Hill 5002

With prom quickly approaching it is easy for us to jump ahead and start thinking about a dress for the big night. With all the excitement it is easy to forget about two other big occasions for dresses: Christmas and New Years! We can’ t forget these important nights either and here at Genealogy we have beautiful cocktail dresses to meet all of your holiday needs. One dress that is perfect for either occasion would be Sherri Hill style number 5002. Sherri Hill’s devotion to design is evident in her selection of beautiful fabrics and trimmings combined with innovative combinations of cuts to accentuate the best features of each and every woman amd this dress is no exception. This beautiful dress is a beautiful halter neck with rows and rows of of beautiful fabric. It is sure to hug every womanly curve and show off all your best assets! The dress is available is 4 colors: black, navy, red and white. While the red is perfect for the Christmas season the black or white would really stand out on New Year’s! So come check us out at Genealogy and we can help you find something to meet all of your holiday needs!

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