Cow Girl Up! Perfect Miss Me Jeans for those Southern Belles!

Miss Me Jeans are the latest and hottest trend in the South. Miss Me was presented into the fashion world in 2001 and has greatly increased their clientel. Every jean has that special  personality that various women will enjoy. Miss Me states that they are “multi-dimensional in character and style”. Created from passions, personas, and cultures, Miss Me Denim has taken the South by swarm, flattering every sun-kissed body around! Have you tried them? Edgy.Bold.Sexy.

Shown here are the newest arrivals to Genealogy Boutique, Miss Me Jean Dark Double Pocket Cowhide Boot Cut.

These jeans are sassy and ready for action! The unique cowhide detail along the double pocket is a sexy southern embellishment that can super girly or ranch approved. Fashionable trendy, and  culture dignified, these Jeans would look amazing on any rear and give you that splash of bold sexy edge that you crave! The dark wash also gives that sexy look to the boot cut denim. The golden stitching adds a flare of western hospitality to the cow hide jeans. Also under $100!

Concerts, Nights out, Date night, and so much more are the perfect occasion to rock these Southern Belle Jeans!

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