Get Audrey Hepburn’s Look! Sherri Hill 1210

Audrey Hepburn is a well known american icon, that young girls have looked up to as a fashion mentor.  As we all know, Audrey was a successful film star, devoted mother, and a gorgeous face. Inspired by her motivational lifestyle, we show here Sherri Hill 1210. The attributes of Audrey’s life are displayed all through this silhouette beaming of classy fashion!

Shown here is Sherri Hill 1210. Audrey was know for her unique necklines in her fashion choices, and this dress displays one of the most timeless designs, the square neckline with skinny shoulder straps. This structure embraces your lady glamour and displays your chest and neck for a sexy sophisticated look.

Creating the empire waist is a large fuchsia sash embellished with a large fashionable bow. This attribute displays the flirty personality of Audrey. This bow is a great technique to create a tiny waist line and show off your figure in the most flattering way.

This full skirt is created from multiple layers of rouched tulle. The unique designs of this skirt embraces your feminine side and will show everyone in the room just how lady like you are.


This Sherri Hill dress is a great gown if you are an Audrey fan. You will surely look amazing and show your respect to such a fashionista!

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